Martina Ratto

Martina Ratto obtained a BA and MA degree from the University of Genoa, focusing on the theoretical foundations of cognitive science and the real-world applications of cognitive psychology and intelligent systems theories (Ratto, Greco, 2016). She is currently following related projects in collaboration with the Laboratory of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences in Genoa.

In 2016 she has joint the London-based company MyCognition Ltd as a cognitive scientist, investigating the potential of cognitive assessment and training programs in different clinical and real-world settings, and developing innovative solutions.
She has collaborated with the MyCognition research team in producing contributions for the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress and 22nd Annual International Meeting, the International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends 2017, the BNA 2017 Festival of Neuroscience, and the IARIA Digital World 2017.