To all potential sponsors

To better serve the scientific community, IARIA offers several free-of-charge services. Most other associations are charging for such services.

Currently, some notable free services to the community are:

  • free access to tutorials held during IARIA conferences
  • free dedicated editorial assistance to the authors to correct the camera-ready articles
  • free invitation based submission and publication in IARIA Journals
  • free access to published articles/proceedins via the ThinkMind Digital Library
  • free access to tutorial materials via IARIA Tutorials page
  • free access to speeches and panel materials via IARIA Speeches page
  • free community announcements via IARIA Announcements page

The association plans additional free services and maintenance services

  • implementing DOI for all published articles (conferences and journals)
  • offering more focused services when via the ThinkMind Digital Library
  • reshaping the sites of the events (conferences and journals)
  • offering additional free announcements to the community
  • creating per-topic-of-interest specialized scientific lists and offering monthly digests
  • creating specialized Expert Councils (e,g., Council on Sensors, Council on Software) and bridging academia and industry with special news, consortia projects, visionary projects, etc,
  • offering several student grants on an event basis

We hope you appreciate the philosophy of the association of providing free high quality services to the global scientific and industrial community.

For sustaining the current services and providing new ones, the association is looking for your help via financial sponsorship.

Please have a look at the visibility and benefits that this sponsorship would bring to you and the scientific community.

For sponsorship information and sponsorship form, please see the sponsorship page.

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