Dr. Justyna Szostak

Dr. Justyna Szostak is a Cell Signaling Scientist in the department of Biomedical Research at Philip Morris International (PMI) R&D. She completed her undergraduate thesis at the Faculty of Medicine in Besancon, France and graduated as a PhD in Life Sciences at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her research focused on the understanding of mechanisms involved in the development of Cardiovascular Diseases such as Atherosclerosis. In 2013, Justyna joined PMI in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Her work has been predominantly dedicated to the construction of biological network models in the Biological Expression Language (BEL). She is also responsible for the design, usability, and performance of the BELIEF software, a semi-automated curation workflow with a text mining pipeline that captures scientific evidence in BEL. Using her cardiovascular expertise, she also contributes to the design and data interpretation for systems toxicology studies.