Prof. Markus Ullmann

Prof. Markus Ullmann received a degree in electronic engineering from the University of Wuppertal. After a first position in the energy sector he is with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Bonn (Germany) since 01.01.1991. He is the head of the section „technological fundamentals of secure electronic identities, hardware security“. The section does application specific research in biometric live detection, biometric crypto functions (template protection), anonymous authentication algorithms and new hardware security primitives like physical unclonable functions (PUF).

In addition, he was responsible for the development of the security functions of the electronic passport and the new German identity card from 2003 till 2005.

Currently, he is responsible for security in intelligent transportation systems in the Cooperative ITS corridor project Rotterdam-Frankfurt-Vienna. In this context the existing ETSI security specifications were analyzed and a few modifications were supposed, like crypto agility. In addition, a PKI proposal for ITS roadside stations was given.

Since 2009 he is professor for information security and member of the institute of security research at the university of applied sciences Bonn-Rhine-Sieg. He teaches courses on security tokens and electronic identification technologies. The institute does application specific research in the safety and security area.

Markus has published papers on RFID crypto protocols, secure time synchronization, secure wireless sensor networks, secure user interfaces for smart devices, and PKI for ITS roadside stations. Furthermore, he is member of different program committees.