Dr. Orphée De Clercq

Dr. Orphée De Clercq is a post-doctoral researcher at the LT3 team with extensive experience in deep semantic processing of natural language. In the framework of her PhD she devised the first state-of-the-art classification-based readability prediction system for Dutch relying on both shallow and deep syntactic and semantic information. At the same time she developed the first Dutch end-to-end system for aspect-based sentiment analysis. She has worked on various externally-funded research projects, both in Belgium and abroad. In these projects, she was responsible for corpus compilation, devising new systems for coreference resolution and semantic role labeling and using linked open data to semantically enrich recommender systems. 

She also has ample experience in the processing or normalization of user-generated content and the (fine-grained) sentiment analysis thereof. She has published work in the main NLP and computer science conferences and in leading journals in the field of translation studies and computational linguistics.

Dr. Orphée De Clercq, LT3/Ghent University, Belgium orphee.declercq@ugent.be