Dr. Bruce Wallace

Dr. Bruce Wallace is the Executive Director of the AGE-WELL NCE National Innovation Hub on Sensor and Analytics to Monitor Mobility and Memory (SAM3) and is focused on technologies to enable independence for aging adults. He is also an Adjunct Research Professor and Contract Instructor at Carleton University and an Affiliated Investigator at Bruyère Research Institute  He has 24 years with BNR, Nortel and Avaya including research and development, product and business strategy, and business leadership with global responsibility. His research includes fundamental research on novel sensors designs through to algorithms using machine learning and AI techniques.  His research spans both the residence and vehicle as active aging adults need to be safe and active at home, and able to be active in their community. The application of AI based sensing is ambient assessment of vital signs and well-being focused on supportive systems for independence. Industry collaboration projects focus on research to transfer technology from the lab and into the homes, cars, and lives of Canadians. The work of SAM3 is founded on a basis of multi-disciplinary research that brings together diverse skills of technology, medicine and social sciences including experts and students.