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The Second International Conference on Advances in Signal, Image and Video Processing
- from Sensing to Applications -

May 21 - 25, 2017 - Barcelona, Spain

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  • Colocated with other events part of InfoSys 2017
  • Posters will be presented during the conference
  • A Work in Progress track is available for preliminary work
  • A Research Ideas track is available for ideas in early stages
  • A Doctoral Forum track is available for discussing and publishing early PhD thesis research
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March 18, 2017

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April 9, 2017

ISSN: 2519-8432
ISBN: 978-1-61208-559-3

Published by IARIA XPS Press

Archived in the free access ThinkMindTM Digital Library
Prints available at Curran Associates, Inc.
Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions to a IARIA Journal
Articles will be submitted to appropriate indexes.

conference contact:

All tracks/topics are open to both research and industry contributions.

Secial tracks: (submission deadline: April 13)

SIVPR: Time-constrained Signal, Image and Video Processing in Robotics
Chair and Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Antonio J. R. Neves, University of Aveiro, Portugal

DANCE: Deep Learning - The Accuracy and Efficiency Trade-offs
Chair and Coordinator Yanxiang Huang, imec, Belgium

5GSIGWAVE: Signal Processing for Decentralized, Cognitive and Self-organised 5G Wireless Access Network
Chair and Coordinator: Dr. Ramiro Sámano Robles, CISTER Research Centre, ISEP - Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto – Porto, Portugal



  • Signal Processing Architectures
  • Hardware and Software for Signal, Image and Video Processing
  • Embedded Signal Processing
  • Biosignal Acquisition, Transmission, Processing, and Analysis
  • Compressive Sensing (sparse sampling)
  • Deep Learning (graphical inference algorithms)
  • Signal and Information Processing on Graphs
  • Distributed Information Processing, Transmission and Storage over Networks
  • Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing
  • Digital and Multirate Signal Processing
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Multi-camera imaging
  • High Speed Video Acquisition, Architecture and Processing
  • Speech and Language Processing
  • Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Real-Time Signal, Image and Video Processing
  • High Speed Signal Processing and Architectures
  • Signal Processing for Communications
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Sensor Array and Multi-channel Signal Processing
  • Big Image Processing and Analytics in Multimedia Tools and Applications
  • Machine Learning, Feature Detections, Bio-inspired Techniques; Pattern Recognition
  • Social Learning Models, Bayesian Signal Processing, Cognitive Information Processing
  • Biometric Analysis, Forensic Analysis Watermarking and Security
  • Processing Signal, Image and Video Collections
  • Implementation of Signal, Image and Video Processing Systems
  • Special Signal, Image and Video Processing Applications/Domains
    • Big Data Collection, Retrieval, Analysis
    • Cyber-Physical Systems
    • Energy and Smart Grid
    • Monitoring and Control Systems
    • Wireless and Internet of Things
    • Sensors and Body Networks
    • Healthcare and Citizen Wellbeing
    • Transportation Systems
    • 5G Communications Networks and mm-Wave Systems
    • Cognitive Radio Networks
    • Cyber-physical Security
    • Social Networks and Finance Applications
    • etc.



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